Trying to open the jar

Trying to open the jar
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He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them which hated me: for they were too strong for me. — Psalm 18:17

In all the years that I have been married to my wife, I have learned not to doubt her strength in most situations. Compared to many in this world, she may be small, but she is generally fearless and able to accomplish about anything on her own. So it’s always surprising and sometimes alarming when she asks me for help. I can all but count on the situation as one that will challenge me in some way.

Such was the case some time ago. She was hard at work in the kitchen preparing something, and she needed a jar open. I can probably count on one hand the number of times she has asked me for help to open a jar. But this time, she asked me for help.

The jar lid was stubborn, and it simply did not want to let go. After several tries, I was able to get the lid to loosen. Maybe it was the specific jar being too strong, or maybe it was just that specific day. Whatever the case, it was too tough for her to open that day.

The same thing happens with things we face in life. In this verse, David writes about the strong enemy he was facing. He said that the enemy was too strong for him. But who was able to deliver him? God!

There are times in life we will face things that are too strong for us. Perhaps it is something that we weren’t prepared to face. Maybe those things catch us at times when we are weak. No matter the situation, I’m glad that we serve a God who is able to deliver us! No matter what you may be facing, give it to God. Trust Him and let Him deliver you according to His plan and purpose.

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