Need a hand?

Need a hand?
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The Lord will give strength unto his people. – Psalm 29:11

Some time ago, my family and I were walking into a store when we saw someone who was attempting to load an item into their car. The item was very large and obviously heavy. For some reason, no one at the store was helping the person, and they felt like they could load the item on their own. I admire their desire and faith in their strength, but they were struggling.

As I started to make my way over to the person, I asked the question, “Need a hand?” Without missing a moment, the person responded yes. I quickly grabbed one side of the item that they were attempting to load into the car. With two of us working on loading the item, we were able to quickly get it loaded. It was much easier with help.

There are many times in life we will find ourselves in those moments of needing help. Not just the type of help physically where we need someone to help us lift a box. But times when we need help spiritually. Moments when we are struggling to face the challenges and trials of life.

When we find ourselves in those moments, God is more than ready to help us. He has strength available and is willing to give it to His people when needed. But many times He is simply waiting to be asked. He wants us to realize that we need Him to help us.

Do you need a hand? Whatever you are facing in life that you may need help with, God has help and strength for you! There is no shortage of strength available. He has an endless supply available. Ask God for strength and help today and let Him show you what He can do!

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