Above the storm

Above the storm
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He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man. — Psalm 18:48

Not long ago, my family and I were on an airplane traveling. The pilot came over the speaker as the plane was about to depart and began his preflight speech. We were expected to have a smooth takeoff, but about halfway to our destination, there was some weather. He stated that the ride might get bumpy, but he would try to keep the flight smooth.

Sure enough, about 45 minutes after takeoff, we started to experience some turbulence. I looked over and out the window, and I could see the sun setting in the distance. But what really caught my attention was the clouds. My wife looked at me and pointed down outside the window. I looked down and realized we were above the storm.

The flight was bumpy for several minutes. The plane rocked back and forth. While we certainly would have preferred to have a smooth flight, we still safely made it to our destination. Not because of anything that we had done but because our Pilot expertly navigated us above the storm.

There are many times in our lives that God does the same thing for us spiritually. We would all love to have an easy life. No one is volunteering for the difficulties and heartaches of life, but they happen. They are bumpy and they disrupt things when they happen.

But as David writes in this Psalm, so many times, God lifts us up above those things that may rise up against us. The storms may rage, and the winds may blow, but we are safe because the Master has lifted us above the storm. Sure, the ride may be bumpy, but we can rest assured we are safe.

Are the winds of life causing you to rock back and forth? Is the storm raging around you? Remember that the Master can help you rise above the storm. We shouldn’t be afraid of the storm. We should be confident in the Master of the storm.

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