Nothing else will do

Nothing else will do
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Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. — Psalm 60:11

While I worked as a paramedic, I remember a specific medical emergency that we were called for. Our dispatch said it was for a psychiatric emergency. Once we arrived, we quickly learned this was not an ordinary emergency. The person was facing a crisis of unique circumstances.

The caller proceeded to share how they were struggling with life. They had been depressed for some time. Family had abandoned them. Friends had left them. This person truly felt alone. They had resorted to heavy drinking and drug use. Now, they were going through withdrawal. They were trembling, crying, and begging for us to do something. As we talked, I remember this person asking for medication and saying, “nothing else will do.”

It takes a lot to get to this point in life. It is one of the lowest points any human being can face. It is the point before giving up. It’s the point of last hope, where hope seems all but gone forever. It is in those moments that we are often blinded by our circumstances so that we cannot see the truth.

David was at a moment like this here in Psalm 60. He realized that the situation was beyond the help of anything this world could provide. No medication, drink, friend, or family member could help. The only way he could truly be helped was by God. Nothing else would do!

What situation and circumstances are you facing in life? Maybe you are at the point where you feel all hope is lost. Perhaps you see hope fading as the problem grows in front of your eyes. Don’t lose faith and hope. God is with you and will help you. It can be so tempting to give up but don’t. When nothing else will do, trust God!

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