Fire refines us for God’s purpose

Fire refines us for God's purpose
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For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried. — Psalm 66:10

Some time ago, my son had the remote control and was going through channels on the television. He came across a channel that was showing videos of how things were made. It just happened that they were showing how gold and silver bars were being made in this specific episode. We watched as the refiner heated up the gold and silver and poured them into the various molds to create the bar.

What was interesting is that before the liquid silver were poured into the mold, the refiner would work to remove the impurities from the silver. The silver was put to the fire, which brought out its impurities. The refiner could remove those impurities and leave a more beautiful silver bar in the end.

As we watched the show, I was reminded of the many times that scripture talks about silver and being “tried.” The Bible references the refining of silver. It’s the process of removing impurities and improving the end result. It’s often a reference to the refinement of our lives.

This world can fill our lives with impurities almost any way we turn. As God molds us and shapes us into what He would have us to be, sometimes we must be refined. Sometimes, we will find ourselves in the fire, going through the trials, so that we come out on the other side more like God would have us be.

Don’t be discouraged because you find yourself facing the trials and fires of life. God uses these to refine us for His purpose and shape us into what He wants us to be. The fire and trials are challenging. But count it a blessing that God is still working to make you what He would have you to be.

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