Our Story

I believe that Another Well Ministries was inspired by God to be able to share hope and the love of Jesus Christ with the world. One of my passions has always been sharing the knowledge of Christ through teaching and conversation. While I have written content online in many other forms, God kept speaking to me and telling me that I needed to be sharing more about Him.

After attending a church service one Sunday, I knew what I must do. I needed to launch a ministry that was focused on sharing uplifting and encouraging devotionals, images, scripture studies, and more. There were so many questions, far more than I had answers. There are countless other websites that do similar things. They have more time to share devotionals, messages, scripture, etc. They have podcasts and even sell some pretty cool trinkets.

During the service, the pastor read scripture which brought me to Genesis 26 and the story of Isaac and how he dug the wells of Abraham once again. In verse 18 there were multiple wells dug. In verse 19, Isaacs’s servants were digging. In verse 21, the Bible says “and they digged another well.” Time and again through this passage, it shares how well after well was dug.

Wells were important as they provided life-sustaining water. Wells were also significant in many instances because of their location. Isaac knew the wells of his father and the time that he had spent in those places. He knew the importance of the wells and dug them once again for those that were with him.

I knew in my heart this wasn’t about everyone else, but it was about being a well. Being a place that people could come and find encouragement, strength, hope, and Jesus Christ. For all those who came before me and left me wells to draw from, I want this to be a place where others can find spiritual nourishment for the future.


Jared Dyson Founder – Another Well Ministries

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