Along the way

Along the way
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He shall drink of the brook in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head.  — Psalm 110:7

On several occasions in my life, I have taken some road trips. There were many times when traveling for work, I would find myself driving for several hours. On one particular trip, my wife and I traveled in the car for nearly 12 hours. It was a long drive and for what seemed like hours we traveled between towns without many things to look at or places to stop.

On that drive, I remember getting to a point that I needed something to drink. I was getting a little weak feeling and it had been a while since I had eaten. Without many places to stop, there was very few opportunities for nourishment along the way. On that trip I learned a valuable lesson, you have to take advantage and stop as you can.

This verse in Psalm 110 has a unique statement taking about taking nourishment in the way. David is describing God in the previous verse as someone in battle. But in this verse, he is describing God as one in pursuit of victory. In that pursuit, there is no fainting because there is nourishment along the way.

As we go through our lives, there are moments we need physical nourishment, as well as spiritual nourishment. There are times we find ourselves in dry areas, without any place to seemingly refresh our souls. But God is always gracious to provide nourishment along the way.

Do you find yourself in a place needing something today? Have things been dry in your spiritual life? Maybe you need to hear from God in a special way. Don’t give up or give in. Keep going on, but ask God to send you nourishment along the way.

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