Someone you can count on

Someone you can count on
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But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. — Psalms 13:5

Throughout my life, there have been moments when I needed someone. For example, I remember when I was trying to do some work on a car many years ago. I knew just the person that I could call. A friend of mine that lived about half an hour from me. He had the perfect setup. He had his own private workshop that had a car lift inside it. Anything I needed to do, I could do it there.

But the best part was, I knew if I called Him, he would have no problem for me to drive over. Not only that, he would most likely help. He wanted to help. It wasn’t something that I was forcing him to help. He may not stay the entire time, but he would often find himself there talking and helping.

There are many others that I can think of in similar situations as well. I may not live near them or around them now, but they would still help me in any way they could. Some of them would even get on a plane to help me!

But there have been other times in my life when I needed someone. Someone to help me, not just with a project, but navigating the cares and struggles of life. Someone who could help me when I was down, didn’t know what to do, or who would be there through it all.

David knew he could count on God that way. The word translated trust here is bâṭach. It means to be bold, secure, and safe. He knew that no matter the situation, he had someone he could count on! But that is the same for you and me as well!

No matter what we are facing in life, we have someone we can count on. Scripture tells us that He will stay closer than a brother. Good times or bad, God is faithful and true. He is one you can count on! Do you need someone you can count on? Don’t look any further, God is already with you and ready!

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