In the middle of a catastrophe

In the middle of catastrophe
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For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth – Job 19:25

There is no doubt that Job is someone who is often thought of or related to in times of trouble. Job had a most interesting life. He lost everything. His children, health, and wealth were gone. If we were to consider that type of situation in our day, we would call it devastating. But in the face of devastating circumstances, Job still maintained his faith.

How could someone go through such horrible circumstances yet still carry on as Job did? How could God allow one of His children to suffer at such great depths as Job? While it is often difficult to understand and explain, God has a purpose and plan. He works through these circumstances and situations in our lives to deepen our faith and give us strength.

In the middle of a catastrophe, we can find help and reassurance in knowing God has a purpose and plan. He sees far beyond our current catastrophe. He knew what we would face and what we would need, but best of all, He knew the ending.

We can have confidence in the middle of catastrophe. Our circumstances do not take God by surprise. Instead, He was already working on the other side of it. He is God in the beginning, middle, and the end of our catastrophes. Nothing about it caught Him by surprise or is beyond what He can handle.

Today, take confidence in knowing your Redeemer lives! Maybe you are in the middle of a catastrophe now, but in the end, God will still be God! No matter the outcome, God is working in your life according to His purpose and plan. It may be difficult to see it now but trust Him.

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