Our only hope is to trust in God

Our only hope is to trust in God
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But mine eyes are unto thee, O GOD the Lord: in thee is my trust; leave not my soul destitute. — Psalm 141:8

A few days ago, I watched as a military jet was flying nearby. Not far away, we have a business that builds jet aircraft, and they were testing a new one that would soon be given to the US military. It was quite impressive to watch the aircraft fly and maneuver around in the sky. It was quick, nimble, and the jet engines roared, giving the sound of power.

I couldn’t help but imagine this jet in future use. Would it be used for military operations or simply training exercises? Would this be a jet that helped protect my home from someone coming to do me harm? At that moment, I was proud of the strength of the US military. Without a doubt, they are a strong and powerful protector of our nation.

But as the day went along, I couldn’t help but think about those feelings that I had. If I put that much faith and trust in things of this life, shouldn’t I trust even more in God? Shouldn’t He be the one I am looking at, putting all my trust into?

That’s certainly what David is saying here. David had a lot of things. He could have trusted his soldiers, but he didn’t. He could have trusted in his riches, but he didn’t. Instead, he put all his trust and faith in God. He knew that God alone was worth trusting in.

What are we trusting in? Our nation may have a powerful military, but they are not in ultimate control. We could have all the money in this world, but it cannot buy permanent protection. Instead, our only hope is to trust in God.

Apart from God, our nation would crumble. Apart from God, our lives would crumble. Instead of putting our eyes and trust in anything else, let us put them on God! Let us trust Him with all our hearts, knowing that He alone is worthy of our trust.

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