As close as I can get

As close as I can get
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But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works. — Psalm 73:28

I often catch myself watching the actions of my son when we are out to dinner. Usually, we ask him who he wants to sit beside. Typically, it is just three of us and he gets to choose between mom and dad. Occasionally, he gets the opportunity to sit with a friend or grandparent if they are with us.

It’s not the choosing of the person that he sits beside that catches my attention, though. Once he sits down beside someone, he often seems to try to scoot his chair as close to the other person as he can be. Or if you are in a booth, there are many times you will feel like he is sitting on top of you.

I often laugh and ask him the question, “Can you get any closer?” Or my wife will often look at him and say, “Is there room in this for me?” He just chuckles. To him, it’s a comfort measure and he enjoys being close to his family.

As I thought about this, I thought back on this verse in Psalm 73. Just as it is good for my son to draw close to me, it is certainly good for us to be close to God. It’s where we can find comfort, protection, and happiness. It’s a place of refuge amid the perplexities of life.

But are we doing all that we can to be as close as we can get to God? We have a promise that He will draw close to us as we move close to Him. To draw closer, it means that we have to spend time with God. Are we reading His word? Are we praying? Do we listen to the things that He tells us?

God wants to be close to us. He desires to have a stronger relationship with all of His children. But He is not going to force Himself on anyone. Our prayer today should be, “God, I want to be as close as I can get. Help guide me in all the ways that I can draw closer to you”

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