What are you doing?!

What are you doing?!
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And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. — Psalm 9:10

As I look back on it, I cannot help but laugh. My son had gotten very quiet and usually that means that he has gotten into something he shouldn’t be. Perhaps he has made a mess, or done something that I told him that he shouldn’t do. That’s exactly where I found him.

It wasn’t that what he did was going to be life-altering, but he was making an absolute mess. In his defense, he was trying to clean it up. But in his efforts, the mess was getting much worse. That’s when I said the words, “What are you doing?!”

That’s exactly how our lives go at times. We are going about our way and we find ourselves trying to do something on our own. We mess it up and try to clean up our mess. Soon after, the mess is worse than it ever was before. No matter what we try to do on our own, we find that we can’t fix it on our own.

What we often overlook is that God was there with us the whole time. He never left our side. He never forsook us. We simply saw the mess that we created and instead of telling Him about it and asking for His help, we decided that we would try to fix it on our own. But that’s not what God wants.

He wants us to put our trust in Him, no matter how big the mess we have created. So many times He wants to help us, but we are too stubborn to ask for help. Then we end up in a bigger mess in the end. No matter the mess we may have going on in our lives, God is ready to help us. We simply need to ask Him and trust Him.

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