Living what is in your heart

Living what is in your heart
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But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss? — Luke 22:48

On many occasions, I have watched criminal trials on TV. Many of these were popular cases with names that many people would remember. Even when the evidence was significant against the person that was on trial, many of these cases had one thing in common. They attempted to show the person who was on trial as a different person than had committed the crime.

For example, maybe the person was accused of murder. They attempted to show the person as a caring and loving person. They wanted the jury to believe that there was no way this caring person could ever do what they were accused of doing. They described their volunteer services, charitable donations, and many other things in an attempt to prevent their conviction.

While the defense attorneys were simply trying to do a job, they often denied the heart of the person on trial. Many times, these were wicked people who had committed heinous crimes. Yet, the people around that courtroom were given a false perception of the person. They denied what was in the heart of the individual.

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, a sign of affection and friendship. On the outside, everyone may have saw one of the close disciples and a follower of Jesus. But on the inside, Judas had betrayed the Son of God, helping deliver Jesus to be ultimately crucified. His actions were an attempt to cover up what was really happening.

In your Christian life, are you truly living what is in your heart, or are your actions attempting to hide what’s truly on the inside? Judas may have fooled those around him that day, but he didn’t fool Jesus. You may fool your friends and family, but you aren’t fooling God. God doesn’t want fake Christians. He wants us to give our hearts to Him so that we can live what is in our hearts.

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