What would you hear Him say? 

What would you hear Him say? 
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After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them. — Matthew 25:19

I remember a few years ago that a company I worked for wanted to focus on career development. We were all asked to look at our current jobs and consider our skills and our long-term goals. The idea was that the company could help us identify talents and finds ways to continue to develop our skills.

As we went through the exercise, we learned a lot about the different viewpoints of everyone. For example, some people had the characteristics of a leader seeing a big vision. Others were more doers. They could see the small details and spot problems that were going to happen from a distance. What was more impressive was how we all fit into the plan of the organization together.

Each person had a place and a purpose. I couldn’t leave my place and purpose to focus on someone else’s purpose. Sure, I may be able to help, but I could not fill that spot exactly as they did. We all had something to contribute, and we all had to be in our place.

It’s the same for us in our spiritual lives. We all have a place and purpose in the plan of God. God has given us our skills and talents to use for Him, but are we? It takes each of us to be in our place, using our skills and talents for God’s purpose. That’s what God designed us for!

Just as the servants had a reckoning with their master regarding their talents, so will we. One day, we will stand before God for how we used our talents and filled our purpose for Him. Our desire should be to hear Him say “well done” in how we have served Him. If that were to happen today, what would you hear Him say? Today, commit your all to God. Use your talents for Him and serve Him so that you will hear Him say, “well done.”

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