A life centered around God

A life centered around God
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But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. — Matthew 6:33

For many years, I worked as a paramedic near my hometown. I saw and heard a lot of things in the many years that I worked on the ambulance. Many times, I heard people share their regret of their actions and decisions. While some of them didn’t stand out, I’ll never forget a conversation I had one night.

We traveled to the person’s home who had called due to a medical emergency. We were on our way quickly to the hospital when the patient asked if we could talk. he shared a lot about his life. He shared a lot of the grea things that he had done and the experiences he had with his family. But he said as great as those things sound, he knew that he had messed up.

He shared that he placed so much emphasis on enjoying all the things in life, that he had not placed as much emphasis on the things of God in the lives of his children. He shared that none of them were interested in God. That they didn’t believe, didn’t attend church, and he was concerned they would spend eternity in hell due to what he shared with them as important.

Scripture shares time and again that the most important things in our lives must be God. Having a life centered around God helps others see the importance of God. It helps those around us see our faith and learn to develop their own faith.

As you reflect today, is your life centered around God or everything else? If your family and friends were asked what is important to you, would they say God is important to you? God wants to be the center of our lives and everything that we do.

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