Beware of the strangers!

Beware of the strangers!
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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. — Hebrews 13:2

Most of us remember the words of our parents who often told us not to talk to strangers. In fact, there was a catchy statement that many taught their children to say “stranger danger.” Many were told to beware of strangers. For kids, it can certainly be dangerous to speak with a stranger when parents are not around.

Yet, we find an interesting verse here in Hebrews 13 where it tells us to do just the opposite. It says that we should entertain strangers. In other words, we should be hospitable to those who may cross our paths that we do not know.

Hospitality comes in different forms and expressions. It can be simply saying hello with a friendly greeting. Sometimes it can be a smile, at other times it may be a handshake. No matter the situation, we are told that we should be looking for ways to be hospitable to those who we may not know in life. But why?

The writer says that some have entertained angels unawares. It is that they had no idea who they were entertaining, but there was a benefit that they experienced that they would have never had otherwise. A great scriptural example of this is in the instance of both Abraham and Lot. Abraham experienced the promise of a son and Lot experienced deliverance from Sodom. Would either have experienced this had they not been hospitable to the strangers?

Our lives are extremely busy anymore. People are looking at cell phones and pay little attention to those who are around them. Today, take a moment to be hospitable to someone that you don’t know. You never know what amazing experience God might put into your life just for a few moments of your time.

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