Handling the unexpected things in life

Handling the unexpected things in life
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And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross. — Mark 15:21

A few years ago I was driving on my way to work and simply minding my business. I was listening to a podcast, enjoying a cup of coffee, then suddenly, my morning was changed! A driver in the opposing lane did not see my car and turned. We essentially hit head-on and at that moment, everything changed.

My day was not as enjoyable. My car was a total loss. I was expected to be at work, but now I was forced to be out of work. Not to mention that I was left with a hand injury that still plagues me to this day. In just a few seconds, my life took an unexpected turn and it was of no fault of my own!

When I think of this type of situation, I often think of Simon in the gospels. I am always amazed at the words here written by Mark, where it makes a point to mention that he was not from that area and was simply someone who “passed by.” Simon didn’t ask to be involved, yet, in a moment, his life was changed and he had a cross to bear.

So many times life hands us unexpected things. It can be traumatic events, sickness, job loss, marriage trouble, or so many other things. We perhaps didn’t go looking for those things, yet we still find ourselves in the middle of the unexpected.

Rather than crumbling under the weight of the cross, Simon found the strength to carry the unexpected. Our God does amazing things when we face the unexpected. He has a way of showing Himself in a greater way than we ever imagined. Ways that we would have never seen, were it not for the unexpected. Don’t get frustrated because you are facing the unexpected. Trust that God has something great for you just on the other side.

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