Are you ready for the future?

Are you ready for the future?
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And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. — Revelation 21:2

A few weeks ago I opened my email and saw the most interesting subject line. The title read, “Are you ready for the future?” Of course, that caught my attention. What future were they talking about? The email was about preparing for the “unknown future” and trying to sell me something.

While we all get these types of emails from time to time, they are trying to get us to focus on something that we are all concerned about. Obviously, we all want to be prepared for our future. We want to have financial stability as we get older. We want to have a secure place to live and all of our needs taken care of.

But do we ever think about the future that really matters? I am not saying that our future here in this world is not important, but the Bible shares that our lives are but a vapor. They are here one moment and can be gone the next. If you are like me, you often hear of people passing on from this world at young ages. Maybe you went to school with them or even worked with them.

None of us know when our final moment on this earth will be. So it is important that we are prepared for the future. Instead of putting so much focus on our earthly future, maybe we should be focused on our eternal future. In Revelation, John shared that he caught a glimpse of that future.

If you think about your life from the viewpoint of eternity, are you ready for the future? Are you certain where you will spend eternity? If so, rejoice today because you too will see that city John described one day! If you are not ready, today is a great day to prepare!

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