The importance of listening to God

The importance of listening to God
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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. — Romans 10:17

Whether or not you are a parent, you probably know one of the more frustrating things for a parent. It’s when their child doesn’t listen. I was certainly guilty of this on many occasions when I was younger. Many times, a parent will give their child clear instructions and guidance. They want to help the child through the situation, whatever it may be. Then, the most amazing thing happens.

The child simply doesn’t listen! No matter how clear the instruction, the child doesn’t listen to what the parent says. Maybe it’s that the child believes that their way is better. Perhaps they believe that their parents do not know what they are talking about. In many instances in my youth, it was because I was simply stubborn. It is very frustrating to a parent to know that they gave information to help in the situation and no one listened.

Can you imagine how it is for God? Imagine all the times that He has told us things in life. For example, in His word, He has given us clear guidance on how to handle many circumstances in life. Yet, we often choose to not listen.

Are our excuses for not listening to God the same as children who choose not to listen to their parents? Do we believe that we know better than God? Maybe we believe that God doesn’t know what He is talking about. After all, many try to say that the Bible is outdated and of no use anymore. It’s a scary thought that we would choose not to listen to God!

God’s word is filled with examples and guidance that God knew was important for us to know. It is important that we hear what He has to say to us through His word and by the Holy Spirit working in our lives. God loves us and cares for us as our Heavenly Father. Shouldn’t we listen to Him?

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