Placing bricks on our Christian foundation

Placing bricks on our Christian foundation
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If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? — Psalm 11:3

I have always loved history and specifically, American history. I’ve been fascinated by the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for many years. Many have said that the documents when they were written they were not perfect. We have seen the Constitution go through many revisions with various amendments. That said, the documents served their purpose.

That purpose was to build a foundation. Throughout the history of our nation, we have had a foundation that started with these documents, which were founded on faith in God. The words of the documents spoke of a Creator, one who granted rights to all. It gave our nation the Christian foundation that set us on our path. Unfortunately, we see that foundation being destroyed in front of our very eyes.

Across the world, there are those who wish to destroy our Christian foundation. While our nation has always been accepting of all, we have always been one nation under God. Now there are those who say we should not be a nation of one God, but a nation of all gods. There is a push to destroy the foundations of church, marriage, family, and so much more.

In this Psalm, David asks a question that we must consider in our day today. If our Christian foundations are destroyed, what can we do? In other words, what hope does our society have apart from God? We cannot put our hope in the governments of this world, we have seen what they are capable of. There is no hope we can put in others because they are not able to save us. Society around us would love nothing more than to see our Christian foundation crumble around us.

A strong foundation is vital for the success of anything. We must continue to build upon our Christian foundation. Our families, our homes, and our hope are completely dependent upon our Christian foundation. As you reflect today, reflect on what you are doing to continue to build on our Christian foundation. We must continue to place our bricks on our Christian foundation. Today, place a brick of prayer for our nation on the foundation. Place another brick of Christian guidance for your family and friends. Or, perhaps, place a brick of sharing the love of Christ for a world dying in sin.

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