You are important to God

You are important to God
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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. — Psalms 19:1

It is fascinating to me to look up into the sky and see God’s creation. If you look up during the day, you easily see the sun, occasionally the moon, and the clouds. You see the airplanes flying above the clouds and you are left dreaming about what is beyond what we can see. Those dreams are answered when you look out at night. On a great night, you can see the stars and the moon clearly. I love how you can see constellations and even other planets.

While we often dream of those planets and stars being millions of miles away, telescopes and technology by space agencies have brought those planets much closer. I recently saw pictures of Mars where a rover was driving across the red planet. Another mission sent camera equipment near Jupiter, bringing back amazing photos of the planet. As I look at all these things around us in the heavens above, I can only say how amazing God’s creation is.

David made a statement about the same thing many years ago. He said that the heavens declared the glory of God and that they show his handiwork. God in His wisdom, power, and skill set all these things into place. He knew we needed the light of the moon. He knew how amazing the night sky would be with decorations including stars.

Science would have us believe that these things simply “happened.” They would like for us to believe that there was simply a big bang or a chain reaction of chemicals that put our universe and our existence into motion. The Bible is clear that God did all these things and how amazing it is to see what He did.

Just think about this for a moment. If He took this much care and compassion to create the universe, to hang everything in its place, how much more amazing is it that He cares for us! In fact, the Bible shares that He cares about us more than anything else in His creation. Don’t ever feel like no one cares or is listening to you. The God who created the heavens and the earth, He cares for you and you are important to Him!

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