Comfort in the middle of your trials

Comfort in the middle of your trials
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I have heard many such things: miserable comforters are ye all. — Job 16:2

She shouted as he left the room, “why did you even come here if that’s all you were going to say?” It was an interesting movie, but the specific scene that I recall was one where a “friend” came to comfort someone that was in the middle of a situation, but they provided no comfort at all. In fact, the words that were said only made the situation worse.

If we are honest, we can all probably relate to this. We have no doubt found ourselves in the middle of situations in life where we needed comfort. We look to those around us, like our friends and family, but the things that they said only made things worse. You could probably have said the statement similar to Job that those people were miserable comforters!

Throughout the book of Job, we read the interaction with his friends. They claimed that they came to comfort him in the middle of his despair. Instead, they made interesting accusations. He was told he didn’t fear God. He was told he deserved far worse than what he had gotten. Job was told he needed to repent and how wicked he really was. Talk about words of comfort!

The truth of the situation is that Job’s friends didn’t even recognize him anymore. In chapter 2 they didn’t recognize him from a distance because of how disease had affected him. They had never faced the trials and circumstances that Job had. Job’s friends were in no position to be the ones providing comfort to Job. The only place for true comfort in our lives is from the one true God!

People around you may try to comfort you, but many times they will leave you miserable. They may not understand the circumstance and situations that you face. Thankfully, God knows exactly what you are going through! He knows exactly what you need and how to comfort you in the middle of your trials. Don’t look for comfort in this world, look to God for true comfort.

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