Enlisting in God’s boot camp

Enlisting in God's boot camp
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Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. — Psalm 139:23 – 24

Throughout the years, I have seen many people who went into military service. Some of these were close friends and I watched as they went in as one person, but they came back from their initial training as someone completely different. Some of them entered the service timid or maybe not as confident as others I knew. When they came out of their initial training, they were confident and trained for their mission.

If you study the US military’s training program, that’s the purpose. They take individuals from all types of backgrounds, and they change them into a person that is fit for service. It changes their mindset and their way of thinking. These individuals have been put to the test, eliminating things that may stand in their way of service, and are ready for battle if needed.

As David writes these words in Psalm 139, I cannot help but think of this type of situation for the child of God. David says for God to search him, to get intimate with him, and know all the little details of his heart and mind. David continues that if there is any single thing in his life that may stand in the way of his service to God, God would lead him to eliminate it.

He is asking God to take complete control, examine everything, and break him of anything that is in his life that should not be there. David is essentially saying he wants to enter God’s boot camp. He wants to take every aspect of his life and enter into complete submission to God. That allows God to mold him, shape him, and make Him something that is usable for His own purpose and plan.

It’s an interesting thought about entering God’s boot camp. Just like entering the military, there are many that may be nervous, scared, or hesitant to give God complete control. For us to reach the level of service that God truly wants from us in this world, we must allow Him intimate access to our lives to mold us and shape us into the Christians he would have us be. Have you ever enlisted in God’s boot camp? If not, today is a great day to start by asking God just like David did.

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