What are others hearing about you?

What are others hearing about you?
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Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints. — Colossians 1:4

We all hear things about people around us from time to time. For example, there are times that I will get a call and hear someone ask if I know someone and did I hear what they had done. Sometimes it’s pretty amazing, like they accomplished a great goal. Other times, it can be disappointing, like being caught up in a bad situation.

No matter the case, the things we do in life get back to others around us. Some people will call it the rumor mill, while others will simply call it reputation. In either case, someone somewhere is hearing about what you are doing. Such was the case here in Colossians as the letter was being written.

Paul and Timothy shared that they heard about the faith of the people in Jesus. They had heard about the love that was being shown around the town from the people. It was great news about the people. Even when Paul was not around to watch, they were steadfast in their faith and showing Christian love to those around them.

This was a big sign of their character. These people loved God, were steadfast in faith and showed love. It is a challenge to those of us living today in what are others hearing about us. Our character is being shown in everything we do. Is that a message of faith and love, or something else?

Our desire should be that others would see our faith and love in everything that we do. Those around us are hearing a story and witnessing our lives. They see our character each day as we go about our day. What are they hearing about you?

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