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Amy Lewis

I am facing the possibility of becoming homeless after 8 years in a rented condo that I will not get another lease in because the owner is retiring in it after this lease is up and now I cannot find anything in the nightmare that the SW Florida housing market has become since everyone came flooding in here from all the blue states this year. I have only found many dozens of scammers and everyone else is only interested in my credit score, which I do not have because I don't use credit. I just live within my means like a responsible adult, have impeccable references, plenty of money in the bank, no debts at all, and none of that matters to them, they only care about that credit score. I pray fervently every day for help with this, I'm 69 years old, I work 18 hour shifts 2 days a week, get social security, and have $13,000 in the bank, but I cannot find anyone who will rent to me here with out that credit score, and all the rest who contact me are scammers. I really really need help. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Received: October 6, 2023

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