Craving full satisfaction

Craving full satisfaction
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He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away. — Luke 1:53

Make no mistake about it, my wife can cook. There are very few times since we have been married that I have walked away from the table hungry at our home. While I will cook when I have the chance, she is much better at it than me. I generally leave the table fully satisfied with whatever she has made.

But that is not always the case when I eat away from home. When traveling, I often would be forced to find something to eat in strange places and towns. Perhaps it was a restaurant that someone recommended from the hotel. Or it could be that I saw a sign or heard someone in the local business I was visiting talking about it. There were many times that I left those meals disappointed.

Not everything that we place in our mouths to eat tastes great. It might fill the void in our stomachs for a short while, but there are many things that taste better than others. Our human nature is to run to the things that taste great. We generally want more and crave them.

That should be our desire with God. Anytime that we are hungry for the things of God, He provides. Never once have I been searching for something from God and my soul was not satisfied. It was far better than anything I could have ever imagined. Not only that, it made me want more.

As you reflect on your life, think about all the times that God has fully satisfied you. It should leave you wanting more. Each time God puts a good thing in, it should light our craving for more of Him. Are we simply craving enough of God to get by, or are we craving full satisfaction?

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