Overcoming life’s exhaustion

Overcoming life’s exhaustion
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He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. — Psalm 121:3

It is a day that I will never forget. I had just finished one of the most challenging shifts in my EMS career. I had worked as a paramedic for a couple of years, but this had been the longest 24 hours ever. I remember struggling to drive home. When I got home, I remember taking a shower and lying down on the bed. I am not sure that I moved for an entire day.

That day was one of the most exhausting moments in my life. Throughout that 24 hours, I had witnessed accidents, death, and trauma that no one should have to witness or experience in life. All of life was raging around me, but I was exhausted. There were many things that I needed to do, but all I could do was try to rest.

There are many moments in life that will leave us exhausted. Maybe it’s from the challenges that life brings. Perhaps we experience trauma, sickness, or many other things. Those moments can leave us completely exhausted and at times even feeling helpless.

But our God never slumbers. He never gets exhausted. We’re reminded in this verse that the one who keeps us, he never sleeps. He is always awake, watching, protecting, and caring for His own! When we are so exhausted that we cannot continue on our own, God is there and has us covered.

When we find ourselves exhausted from the cares of life, we still have hope. We can overcome life’s exhaustion by trusting in the one who never tires. Today, find rest in God. Find rest in the one who is keeping you, no matter how exhausted you may be. Rest assured, God never sleeps and is always there!

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