When God Reveals the Reasons Why (part 1)

When God Reveals the Reasons Why (part 1)
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Revelation 10:1-7

John’s description thus far in the book of Revelation has provided us a picture of the dark days during the seven years of tribulation that come after the Rapture of the church.  He has watched as the seals were opened in chapter 6, he saw the 144,000 servants sealed by God in chapter 7, and as the seventh seal was opened in chapter 8 the trumpet judgments began.  They are judgments that affect vegetation, the seas, and fresh water.  The sun, moon, and stars are all diminished by one-third part.  In chapter 9John describes a demonic horde coming from the bottomless pit as a locust swarm attacking the inhabitants of earth.  He saw the release of four bound fallen angels that had a purpose of slaying a third part of men.  He then described a demonic army numbering two hundred thousand thousand, or two hundred million, that were unleashed in judgment.  It is all a truly horrible time without doubt!  If you do the mathematical calculations at that time, you’ll see that one-half of the world’s population will have died during those days.  No doubt someone is thinking, “Preacher, do you really believe all this will happen?”  I certainly do, and it will no doubt even be far worse than what is described in the scriptures.

In chapter 10 it’s as though the pause button has been pressed on what John has been seeing.  We can only take in so much of this horrible time of great judgment, so the Lord lets John catch a glimpse of Jesus once more.  This pause reminds us that God is still in control, and it lets us turn our eyes again upon Jesus.  At this point in the book, the world has lost sight of Him and ruled Him out of their affairs.  Yet, in this vision, we see once more that, He who created this world is still in control and that in the end He will be triumphant.  When the pause ends, the seventh trumpet will sound introducing the seven last vials of judgment.

But there is something said in verse 7 that catches my attention.  In this verse, we read these words—‘the mystery of God should be finished.’  That is a statement of fact telling us that there is going to come a day when answers will be given.  You see, God does not leave us hanging on in confusion.  He doesn’t leave us dangling in suspense.  It reveals to us that in a day to come, we will see the puzzle of the ages solved.  At that time all of life’s mysteries will be explained.  The thing is that we must await God’s time.  All of this will be done in His time, not ours.  So, I would like to look at some things in light of the fact of when God reveals the reasons why.

John is being given a glimpse of events yet to come.  We often hear people call this book the book of “Revelations.”  In reality, the book is called the Revelation.  It is a revelation of Jesus Christ according to the opening verse of the first chapter.  Let’s read it, Revelation 1:1-The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.  John has been given a message to share and the message is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  It is an unveiling (which is what the word Revelation means) of Jesus; of who He is and about His greatness, glory, and honor.  It is about His perfect plan that will be fulfilled.

Getting back to our text, John describes here his sight of a messenger, which he calls a mighty angel.


There has been much discussion and disagreement about who this mighty angel is.  I read a couple of commentaries that say it is just another mighty angel, but a vast majority see this mighty angel as none other than a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ll admit to you that I’m in that camp when it comes to this, and I’ll give you some reasons why I believe it’s our Lord.  Keep in mind that John doesn’t have the New Testament scriptures to look at.  They are still being written.  But John is very familiar with the Old Testament scriptures.  Jesus was often described in the Old Testament as “The Angel of the Lord”.  You find it as such when relating to Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, and Gideon.  But also notice how He is described by John.

He is clothed with a cloud—He is wearing the clouds of the sky across his mighty shoulders.  That is symbolic of His power, majesty, and glory, and the fact that he comes bringing judgment.  Do you remember how God led the children of Israel by a glorious cloud in Exodus 16?  There were also dark clouds that covered Sinai when the Law was given to Moses in Exodus 19.  God appeared again to Moses in a cloud of dazzling glory as in Exodus 24 and 34.  A cloud overshadowed the mountain when Jesus was transfigured in Matthew 17.  Psalm 104:3 says this, who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind.  All of that sounds like my Lord.

Then he also says – A rainbow was upon His head. What does the rainbow speak about?  I believe that it speaks of the multicolored splendors of our covenant-keeping Christ.  The rainbow reminds us about the sign of His covenant that was given to Noah after the flood and after the storm.  The rainbow that is upon His head tells me that Jesus is my peace in the midst of the storms of life and that He is the covenant-keeping God that never fails to keep His own.

Then John says that — His face was as it were the sun. Look back at how John described His countenance in chapter 1:16 – and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.  It is a powerful reminder of His holiness and glory.  He radiates the Shekinah glory of God, just as it did when He was transfigured on the mount.

Then one more thought — His feet as pillars of fire. Again see chapter 1:15-And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace.  That symbolizes His strength, His firmness in judgment, and His stability in all His ways.  I believe this magnificent messenger is none other than the Lord Himself.  You may disagree and you have that right, but this book is about seeing Him for who He is and I believe this is one more glimpse of Him.

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