Find comfort in your situation

Find comfort in your situation
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This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me. — Psalm 119:50

There have been a few occasions in my life where I just could not become comfortable. Sometimes it was sickness, and other times it was difficult circumstances. In either case, it felt as though nothing I did could bring comfort to me. If you are honest, you have probably been there too.

One of those such times in my life was the third time my wife found out she was pregnant. A few years had gone by in our marriage, and we were ready to start our family. She had miscarried each time, but this time she had made it a little further along. But just a few weeks later, we learned that we had again lost our child.

We were both heartbroken. As I sat one day, I just could not find comfort in the situation. Why were we dealing with this situation? Why were we facing this circumstance? You can often ask yourself countless questions during these times, and people around you will try to say the right words. But it still doesn’t provide true comfort.

In the days following, I spent time in God’s word. As the questions came to my mind, I would find that I found comfort in my situation, not in the words of friends and family, but in the word of God. Through my reading and studying, it prepared me for what I was facing. I recalled verses that provided strength but read new verses that spoke to me in a fresh way.

As the words of this Psalm say, the word of God brings life. It brings strength and hope to our situations and circumstances. By reading and studying it, we prepare our hearts for what we may face. And in the situations we face in life, we can find comfort for our hurting hearts.

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