Facing our fears with trust

Facing our fears with trust
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What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. — Psalm 56:3

We all have fears in our lives. One of mine is that I have a fear of when I am not in control. For example, I would much rather be the person driving a car than be a passenger in a car. In my years as a paramedic, I had countless hours of training in various driving scenarios. So I always feel more comfortable behind the wheel when I am in control.

Another aspect of this is when I am at a theme park. My son is carefree and will ride anything and just be excited without thinking about anything else. Me, I’m constantly thinking about things like the kids operating the rides and the fact that my life is not in my hands at that moment in time.

My fears are different than yours. Some people fear sickness, pain, or heartache. Others fear financial difficulty or job difficulty. I even remember many of my friends growing up fearing having kids and raising them because of the tremendous responsibility. Fear is a natural part of our lives as we do not know the future, the outcomes, or even all the details of the plan God has set for our lives.

We do know, however, that we can trust in God in those times we are afraid. In the verses before this, there was a mention of being overtaken by things, overwhelmed by the aspects of daily life. That essentially sums up all aspects of fear, doesn’t it?

In our times of fear, we should put all of our trust in God. Never once has He failed us! Never once have we been forsaken! He is faithful and true. Fear is going to happen in life and as Christians, our response should be to trust in God. No matter what may be in your path today, don’t fear. God is with you!

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