God will see to it!

God will see to it!
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And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen. — Genesis 22:14

One time I was working on a project for my work. I had been given a deadline for this project to be completed. After some research on my own, I determined that I would need to do a lot of work on my own. I couldn’t find anywhere that someone had looked at this issue before or attempted to fix the problem.

As I started working, a much older and wiser coworker approached me and asked about the work. I started sharing the problem and the project I was tasked with. I will never forget their sly grin. They responded that I should reach out to someone as they may be able to help.

What I didn’t know is that person had already worked on the project and had much of it completed. The problem was not a surprise to them, they already knew about it. Once I saw the work they had completed, I was able to complete the project, dealing with the situation rather quickly.

Sometimes life brings us situations where we may only see the difficult tasks ahead. I can imagine as Abraham journeyed with Isaac, he was thinking about how and why God was asking him to sacrifice his son. But I love the verse here where he names the place Jehovahjireh. In Hebrew, that means Jehovah will see to it.

The problem is we don’t always see what God is doing. Our circumstances don’t catch Him by surprise. He is aware of and already working on our situation. God will see to it! We just have to trust and have faith in Him.

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