Acts 27: When it’s not just another storm (Part 3)

Acts 27: When it's not just another storm (Part 3)
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We are studying the story of Paul’s storm found in Acts 27.  In our last study we thought about the importance of keeping in mind God’s perception of our storm.  Before our storm ever blew into our life or home, God knew all about it.  It would be easy for us to say something like this, “Well, if He knew all about it, why didn’t He stop it from happening?”  I admit that I don’t have all the answers, but I can give you something else to keep in mind.


It is so often in the storm situations of our lives that our minds get so overwhelmed that it’s hard to think.  We are dealing with thoughts of how will we deal with this?  What will we do now?  How will we handle the situation?  So many questions and so many things go through our minds and the devil surely doesn’t want us to remember the promises of the Lord.  But Paul had one to cling to.  In Acts 23:11 read what God had promised him.  It says, And the night following the Lord stood by him, and said, Be of good cheer, Paul: for as thou hast testified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also in Rome.   That came before he ever stood before Felix or faced Agrippa; before he appealed to Caesar; before the storm ever came God says, “Paul, you’ve got an appointment in Rome”.

Paul had the promise before the storm and now he is reassured in the storm, read vs 23-25.  Do you get what Paul was saying in vs 25?  Yes, things look bad; yes, we’re in a terrible storm like we’ve never faced before, but God has spoken and given me a promise, and I believe God!  Paul was clinging to God’s promises in spite of the storm.  So often in the dark times of my life, the Lord has given me a particular verse or promise that has reassured me and given me hope and strength for what I was facing.  His word is filled with exceeding great and precious promises, as Peter said in 2 Pet 1:4.  He has promised that His grace would be sufficient, and His strength made perfect in our times of weakness.  He has promised that He’d go with us all the way even to the end of the world.  He promised that though we walked through the valley of the shadow of death He would be there.  He promised that all things are working together for our good and to His glory in our lives.  He has promised that He would be a shelter in time of need and the list goes on and on.  When facing the storms that come our way, cling to His promises in spite of your storm.  So, when it’s not just another storm, keep in mind God’s perception of your storm and cling to God’s promises in spite of your storm.  We’ll look at another next time.  Are you facing a storm like nothing you’ve ever faced before?  Keep in mind that the Lord sees you and knows your heart.  He knows your fears and He is a present help in your time of need.  Lean on Him and His promises.

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