Trust in God’s timing

Trust in God's timing
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And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth. — Genesis 7:10

Every time that I sit down in my car the first thing that I do after making a quick seat or temperature adjustment is fastening my seatbelt. In the many years I worked as a paramedic, I saw a seatbelt save lives. Even in an accident that I had once, the seatbelt certainly protected me from serious injury. I may not need the seatbelt sitting in my garage, but I certainly want it secured before I travel.

There are many things in our lives that we do in advance like this to help protect ourselves. We understand the benefits and we trust that it will work. From our scripture, we are reminded of the situation of Noah. Having never seen rain, be built an ark and trusted that the ark would work. He put faith in that ark long before he ever needed it.

I’ve often reflected on this specific verse. It says that the waters came seven days after. Was that seven days after they started entering the ark or seven days after the door was closed? I don’t know that the detail there matters as much as there was certainly a week between when the ark was first put to use and the beginning of the flood.

For that entire week, Noah trusted God. He had complete faith that God would protect Him from the flood, even though he had never seen a flood. He didn’t stop what he was doing, he didn’t slow down, he didn’t question. Noah had faith in God.

In life, we face many things where we must wait on God. Maybe you are trusting God to answer a prayer, trusting God for healing, or praying to God for protection for you or a loved one. Don’t give up or stop because you haven’t seen the end result. Keep praying and keep trusting. Sometimes, we simply have to trust in God’s timing. He knows exactly what we are doing and if we are following Him, He has prepared us for what’s ahead.

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