Are you willing to let God help?

Are you willing to let God help?
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When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole? — John 5:6

I was once told the story of a man who had found himself pretty disappointed in life. He had lost many of his possessions, his job, friends, and family. He had found himself depressed and felt like there was no hope for him. When someone would talk to him about what was happening, he would simply repeat the same story. He would share that the situation he was in was hopeless.

He was offered jobs, but he wouldn’t take them. He would tell those to who he talked about how he was not in a great state of mind to be at work. He was offered help and assistance, but he again turned those things down. He was in a state of existence essentially where nothing was going to help him, even though there were many people and opportunities presented in an attempt to help!

Sometimes, as we face the challenges of life, we find ourselves falling into a state of mind where we lose our drive and focus. We get so overcome with our situations and circumstances that we lose sight of the things going on around us. We are just so focused on the circumstances that we bring ourselves to an even more depressed mindset. That seems to be the situation here in John chapter 5.

Jesus asked the man an important question here. He asked him if he was willing to be healed. The man was so focused on his circumstance in waiting on the waters to be troubled, that he failed to see that help was right in front of him. How many times are we in the same situation? We are so focused on our challenges and circumstances that we miss the help that God has placed in front of us.

No matter what we face, God has help and can meet our needs. The first step is that we must be willing to receive it. Rather than being so focused on the things going on around us, we must be focused on the one who is able to meet our needs. Are we willing to let God help us or are we happier struggling in our situations? God is ready and able to help no matter what you face.

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