A Pastor’s Ponderings – Psalm 56

A Pastor's Ponderings - Psalm 56
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In Psalm 56 we find David, as is often the case, fleeing from King Saul.  He has found himself in strange territory; in the city of Gath (the hometown of Goliath). We, so often ourselves end up in strange territory.  Places in life that we never thought we’d be.

The thing that stands out so vividly about David’s emotional state is that he feels forsaken and forgotten; he feels alone and abused; and David is afraid.  (The man who had faced lions, bears, and even a giant) feels afraid, vs 3.  It matters not who you are or how many giants you’ve faced in days past there are times that we still feel alone, confused, overwhelmed and even afraid.

But what I notice so greatly is David’s trust—he doesn’t trust in his own abilities to outrun or outwit his enemies.  He says in vs 3-I will trust in thee and also in vs 4-In God I have put my trust.  Note two things about his trust.

  1. He trusts in the perception of God, vs 8—even here there are two things that stand out—David knows that God sees where he walks, vs 8a—never forget that He knows where you’ve been, and He knows where you’re at. Every hill, every valley, every burden, every battle, every storm, and every shadow—He knows all about them. Then he says that he knows that God sees when he weeps, vs 8b—He knows every tear that you shed (those tears when you’re all alone and no one knows anything about them; He does).  There is an old song that says, “Your tears are touching God when you cry them from your heart.”
  2. He trusts in the position of God, v 9this I know; for God is for me. Think about that! Though others may forsake us the Lord of Glory, the Alpha and Omega, the God of Heaven is for me!  Also, not maybe, or might be, or could be but “IS” right now, at this very moment, in this situation, in this sorrow, in this danger, in this trouble, in this trial—God IS for me!  He is on our side.  He is in my cheering section. He is whispering in my ear “Hang on, my child, I am with you!”  He is committed to my care.  If you’re too weary to walk—He will carry you.  If you’re too tired to fight—He will strengthen you.

What a blessed thought!  When you feel surrounded by troubles, by trials, by enemies, by things you cannot and do not understand.  Place your trust in Him; say as David, this I know: for God is for me.  I may not know what tomorrow may bring—but I know that God is for me!  Helen Keller once said, “I’d rather walk with God through the darkness, than in the light without Him.”  Amen and Amen!

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