Names of God – Our Shield

Names of God - Our Shield
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In the Bible, God is referred to as many different names. “Jehovah”, “God”, “I Am”, “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, and more. Jesus, while He was walking on Earth, was “The Way the Truth and the Life”, “the Bread of Life”, “Messiah”, “Redeemer”, and more. There is no lack of names or references for our God. It has started to be a personal study of mine to look at different names of God, the familiar, unique, and obscure names we have listed in the Bible. I want to share just a little of that in this post.

While sitting in a Bible study some months back, we studied Genesis 15. In the first verse of that chapter, God gives a name for Himself to Abram (Abraham). This is a name when I first read it, I quickly realized it had a very significant meaning if God referred to Himself as this name. It also made me think I had read it elsewhere, possibly in the psalms? I had to study and look up the phrase to see where else it appears in scripture! To my surprise, it was not just a handful of times. I found God referred to as a “Shield” over 20 times! I always joke that if God lists something in His word multiple times, you need to take notice because it is important.

Genesis 15:1: “After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.” (KJV)

We can go into depth and study the great reward, but my attention is drawn to God being our shield. What does a shield do? A shield protects against the attacks of the enemy. They can be arrows, sharp objects, blunt objects. You name it, and a shield is used for defending against it. A shield can be an object to hide behind. Depending on the type of shield, it can be used for cover, protection, to hide in certain ways, and in other instances even used to push back against the enemies you are facing. A shield is not purely a defensive object. I think of what we see in the Hollywood depiction of Spartans. They would link their shields together, push in unison against their enemies to knock them back, then use that gap to strike!

Shields have changed over the years. We have seen round shields, square shields, wooden shields, metal shields, and interlocking shields. Now we have body armor, bulletproof glass, metal plating on vehicles, etc. The material and shape may have changed, but the intended protection has not. I could replace “Shield” with many of these other items. “God our Body Armor”, “God our Armor Plating”, “God our Bunker”. It sounds strange, but that helps us get the idea across in our modern thinking.

Our Heavenly Father is a shield that protects us, He will be a place we can find refuge and hide in, He will cover us in His protection, but He also is not purely defensive but will help us push back the forces attacking us. The problem is an unused shield does not benefit us. If we ignore God (Our Shield), we overlook the protection and the safety He can provide! I often hear Christians talk about taking up the armor that Paul writes about in Ephesians, being in the fight against forces of evil, or even talking of spiritual battles.  What about our great and mighty Shield that is God? Have we taken up the shield that can protect us in the fight? Push back the forces of evil?

We serve an almighty God, one that reiterates in His word how He is a shield. The disease you’re facing, the mental battle you’re in, emotional pain, discouragement, depression, whatever you are facing. I know of a Shield that can help you. He wants to have a relationship with you, be with you, and love you. Below are the 25 different verses where God is referred to as a shield. If you are struggling or dealing with a battle in your life, take courage, we have a Shield in the Lord our God!

  1. Genesis 15:1
  2. 2 Samuel 22:3
  3. 2 Samuel 22:31
  4. 2 Samuel 22:36
  5. Psalm 2:7
  6. Psalm 3:3
  7. Psalm 5:13
  8. Psalm 18:2
  9. Psalm 18:30
  10. Psalm 18:35
  11. Psalm 28:7
  12. Psalm 30:5
  13. Psalm 33:20
  14. Psalm 35:2
  15. Psalm 59:11
  16. Psalm 84:9
  17. Psalm 84:11
  18. Psalm 91:4
  19. Psalm 115:9
  20. Psalm 115:10
  21. Psalm 115:11
  22. Psalm 119:114
  23. Ephesians 6:16
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